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Archive: Hokushû (北洲)

The links below will take you to archived information about Hokushû prints that have been sold.



Hokushu 01 Goemon: HKS01

Hokushu 07 Ôiwa: HKS07

Hokushu 09 Yorimasa: HKS09

Hokushu 10 Ôishizuri: HKS10

Hokushu 11 Keisei somewake: HKS11

Hokushu 12 Musashi: HKS12

Hokushu 14 Torii Matasuke: HKS14

Hokushu 16 Ushiwakamaru: HKS16

Hokushu 17 Nikki Danjo: HKS17

Hokushu 18 Keisei sano: HKS18

Hokushu 20 Yakusha: HKS20

Hokushû 23 Koman: HKS23

Hokushu 24  Imoseyama: HKS24

Hokushu 25  Mashiba: HKS25

Hokushu 26  Takatsuna: HKS26

Hokushu 27  Tôken Jûbei: HKS27


Hokushu 28 Ômonguchi: HKS28

Hokushu 31  Ikaruga Tota: HKS31

Hokushu 32  Kumagai: HKS32

Hokushu 33  Omonguchi: HKS33

Hokushu 34 Tôtomigata: HKS34

Hokushu 36 Tôken Jûbei: HKS36

Hokushu 37-a Ane imôto: HKS37

Hokushu 38 Kamagafuchi: HKS38

Hokushu 39 rôjo Sano: HKS39

Hokushu 42 Ichinotani: HKS42

Hokushu 43 Yoshitsune zakura: HKS43

Hokushu 44 Yoshitsune: HKS44

Hokushu 45 Tenmangû aiju: HKS45

Hokushu 46 Sugawara denju aiju: HKS46

Hokushu 47 Hikosan gongen: HKS47

Hokushu 48 Danshichi: HKS48


Hokushu 50 Beni murasaki: HKS50

Hokushu HKS51 Ôiwa: HKS51

Hokushu HKS52 Setsugekka: HKS52

Hokushu HKS54 Gosaku (Goemon): HKS54

Hokushu HKS55 Hikosan gongen: HKS55

Hokushu HKS56 Hikosan gongen: HKS56

Hokushu HKS57 Hikosan gongen: HKS57

Hokushu HKS58 Konoshita kage: HKS58

Hokushu HKS59 Mashiba Hisatsugu: HKS58

Hokushu HKS61 Tenmangu: HKS61

Hokushu HKS63 Kato Masakiyo: HKS63

Hokushu HKS65 yakko Ranpei : HKS65

Hokushu HKS66 Hangadai Terukuni: HKS66

Hokushu HKS68 Tenmangû: HKS68

Hokushu HKS71 Keisei ômonguchi: HKS71

Hokushu HKS72 Imoseyama: HKS72