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Archive: Sadanobu (貞信)

The links below will take you to archived information about Sadanobu prints that have been sold.



SDN03 Harimaze: SDN03

SDN09 Matsugahana: SDN09

SDN10 Yotsubashi: SDN10

SDN11 Hirotaji: SDN11

SDN12 Kappajima: SDN12

SDN13 Maruyama: SDN13

SDN14 Kawaguchi: SDN14

SDN15 Shinsaibashi: SDN15

SDN18 Ryôanji: SDN18


SDN19 Shijô-bashi: SDN19

SDN20 Kajiwara: SDN20

SDN21 Bijin and boy: SDN21

SDN22 Fukumoto-zushi: SDN22

SDN27 Tama of Isezuru: SDN23

SDN16 Tosuke: SDN26

SDN27 Shirotae: SDN27

SDN28 Shijôbashi: SDN28

Sadanobu SDN32 Yorimasa: SDN32


Sadanobu SDN33 Miyagi Asojirô: SDN33

Sadanobu SDN34 Usugumo: SDN34

Sadanobu SDN39 Ensaburô as Asojirô: SDN39

Sadanobu SDN40 Inaka Genji: SDN40

Sadanobu SDN41 Tsumahei: SDN41

Sadanobu SDN42 Monogusa Tarô: SDN42

Sadanobu SDN44 Keisei tamatazuna: SDN44

Sadanobu SDN43 Tokiyori: SDN43

Sadanobu SDN45 Watônai: SDN45