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Archive: Shigeharu (重春)

The links below will take you to archived information about Shigeharu prints that have been sold.



Shigeharu 01 Chûshingura: SGH01

Shigeharu 03  Sasaki Takatsuna: SGH03

Shigeharu 04 Rokusaburô: SGH04

Shigeharu 05 Zatô: SGH05

Shigeharu 07 Mashiba: SGH07

Shigeharu 08 Katakiuchi: SGH08

Shigeharu 09 Rokkasen: SGH09

Shigeharu 1 Soma Tarô: SGH11

Shigeharu 13 Osome/Hisamatsu: SGH13

Shigeharu 14 Ashiya Dôman: SGH14

Shigeharu 15 Katakiuchi takane: SGH15

Shigeharu 19 Chûbei/Umegawa: SGH19

Shigeharu 23 Hanayagura: SGH23


Shigeharu 24 Rikan: SGH24

Shigeharu 27 Hakuen II: SGH27

Shigeharu 28 Shinbei: SGH28

Shigeharu 29 Nanabake: SGH29

Shigeharu 30 Saito Tarô: SGH30

Shigeharu 31 Shizuka no Mae: SGH31

Shigeharu SGH32 Keisei setsugekka: SGH32

Shigeharu SGH33 Tomohei: SGH33

Shigeharu SGH34 Yoshitsune senbon: SGH34

Shigeharu SGH35 Kowari Dennai: SGH35

Shigeharu SGH37 Jiraiya: SGH37

Shigeharu SGH38 Agemaki: SGH38

Shigeharu SGH39 Asiya doman: SGH39

Shigeharu SGH40 Banzuin Chôbei: SGH40


Shigeharu SGH41 Kagekiyo: SGH41

Shigeharu SGH42 Setsugekka: SGH42

Shigeharu SGH46 Sasaki Takatsuna: SGH46

Shigeharu SGH47 Mashiba Hisatsugu: SGH47

Shigeharu SGH50 Hakuen as Kurando: SGH50

Shigeharu SGH52 Utaemon as a Zatô: SGH52

Shigeharu SGH53 Hakuen as Masaemon: SGH53

Shigeharu SGH54 Asama Saemon: SGH54

Shigeharu SGH55 Akizuki Daizen: SGH55

Shigeharu SGH59 Jiraiya: SGH59