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Ashiyuki (堂芦幸)     
Ashiyuki signature
Japanese Characters:
Nagakuni (before 1814(?); may have also used Nagakuni concurrently with Ashiyuki from 1814 to 1821, though it is possible there was a second artist using Nagakuni); Gigadô Ashiyuki (see signature at left; first recorded on a print dated 1/1814); also named Gigadô Ashiyuki in a list of artist names on a broadsheet circa 1831– see Comments.
Active circa 1813-1833(35?)
Ni To Ro (1814); Naniwa; Ashiyuki (see seal at left); Ashi; yu (see seal below right)

yu sealSurname possibly Kôzo (?); pupil of Ashikuni (recorded on a print from around 1814); listed as an actor portraitist on the single-sheet broadside (Naniwa shoryû gajin meika annai ("Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka") circa 1831, where he is identified as Gigadô Ashiyuki and his Osaka address as Doshômachi, Goryôsuji.

A skilled print designer who might have introduced — at least he helped to develop — in Osaka some of the more interesting printmaking techiniques, such as color blocks without outlines and contrasting heavily printed figures against Shijô-style backgrounds.

Pupils might have included Ashiharu(?); Okayodo Ashimaru(?)

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