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Enjaku signature
Japanese Characters:
Enjaku (only known name)
Active circa 1856-1866
Uchitora; Tora (these two seals found within signatures, but most likely indicate the publisher Uchida Torazô; apparently suggests a special relationship between Enjaku and Uchida, but no more is known); butterfly kakihan (found within a signature, but refers to the actor Yonezô III - see Comments).

One of the more curious mysteries in ukiyo-e printmaking; biography unknown; produced approximately 150 designs (nearly all okubi-e), including some of the most technically accomplished works of the 1850s–60s, exhibiting exceptional block cutting and printing; specialized in portraits of the actor Ichikawa Yonezô III (1834-1896), an unusual example of dedication to a young actor who was not a superstar.

Pupils included Engetsu (dates unknown; one print design known).

No Enjaku prints are currently in the Gallery.

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