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Hokuei signature
Japanese Characters:
Shunkô (春江 1828-1829); Shunkôsai Hokuei (春江齋北英 1829 - 11/1833); Shunbaisai Hokuei (春梅齋北英 11/1833 - 11/1836; see signature at left); Sekkarô Hokuei (雪花楼北英 1836).
Active c. 1827 - 11/1836; died 1836
Apparently used more seals (including those with the same reading in variant forms) than any other Osaka artist: Hokuei (see seal at left); Shunkô; Sekka; Sekkarô; Fumoto no yuki; Fumoto no mume; Koshiji no mume; Koshiji no yuki; Bai (or Mume)


Hokuei (北英): Important print designer of the early Tenpô period; listed as an actor portraitist on the single-sheet broadside Naniwa shoryû gajin meika annai ("Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka") circa 1831, where his address is recorded as Itachibori 1-chôme in Osaka; pupil of Shunkôsai Hokushû and the last in that illustrous line of printmakers (Ryûkôsai - Shôkôsai - Hokushû - Hokuei); designed approximately 270 compositions, including some of the most technically accomplished ukiyo-e prints ever produced (most notably in collaboration with, first, the master blockcutter Kasuke, and then Kumazô); mentioned as being "famous" in a hyôbanki (artist and actor critiques) for the year 1836.

Pupils include:

  • Shunyûsai Hokuho [春友齋北芳]
  • Shunshôsai Hokuju [春松齋北壽 also Shuneisai Hokuju, 春英齋北壽 and Goryûken, 五龍軒]
  • Shunshôsai Hokujun [春松齋北順]
  • Hokumei (北溟) [not the same as Hokushû's pupil of that name, with the second character written differently: 北明]
  • Sekkôtei Hokumyô (雪江亭北妙)
  • Tôhôhan Hokusei [北西 also Shunshisai Hokkai, 春始齋北海]
  • Hokusetsu [北雪]
  • Shungansai Hokushin [北信 also = Shungantei, 春完亭 and Shunkôsai, 春光齋]
  • Shunkôsai Hokutô [北倒 also = Shôkôsai, 松好齋 and Shunkôsai, 春好齋]
  • Hokuun [北雲]
  • Shunju [北壽]
  • Baikôsai Shunkei [梅好齋春敬]
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