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Hokumyo signature
Japanese Characters:
Shunpusai (1830-33; see signature at left); Sekkôtei (c. 1837)
Active c. 1830 - 1837


Nothing is known of this artist's life. Keyes (see Bibliography, TWOP, p. 265) mentions that "Hokumyô" might possibly be a later name used by Shunyôsai Shunshi, and also that the artist might have been a woman. Lühl (see Bibliography, HSK, p. 138) suggests the artist might have been a pupil of Hokushû, whereas recent research by Fuchida Keiko (渕田恵子) at the Hagi Uragami Museum, Yamaguchi Prefecture, indicates that Hokumyô was a pupil of Hokuei.

The Naniwa Shoryû gajin meika annai (Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka), circa 1831, cites a "Shunpusai Hokumyô" as an actor portraitist living in Dôjima, Osaka.

No pupils have been identified for Hokumyô.

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