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Kunimasu (formerly Sadamasu)     

Kunimasu signature    
Japanese Characters:
Sadamasu Kunimasu Kunimasu kanji
Sadamasu (1834-1848); Kunimasu (name change as early as 1/1848; see signature in green box below reading Sadamasu aratame [= changing to] Kunimasu); Ichijuen; Ichijutei; Gochôtei (see first three characters in red cartouche at left); Gochôsai
Active c. 1832 - 1852
Wasa (probably derived from his personal name Wasaburô);


Personal name Kanaya Wasaburô; Osaka address Nôninbashi Matsuyamachi, Senba cited in a directory of Osaka called Osaka shôkô meika shû; pupil of Utagawa Kunisada I (recorded on a print dated 3/1834).

Said to have been a wealthy artist/teacher who supported the work of artists in his studio; skilled Osaka print designer in his own right; after 1852 apparently turned to painting in the Shijô style.

Pupils included Nobukatsu; Masunobu; Masuharu; Sadanobu; Sadamasu II; Hirosada; Masusada(?); Masutsuru(?); Sadayoshi(?); Masunao(?); Sadayuki

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