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Nagahide sig     Urakusai signature
Japanese Characters:
Nagahide kanji
Nagahide (長秀 see signature at far left); surname Nakamura (中村 sometimes found as 中邑); Chôshûsai (長秀齋); Urakusai [Yûrakusai 有樂齋] - see larger signature at left; seal in the shape of an octopus (possibly composed of highly stylized characters)
Active circa 1799-1842
Satonoya; Hôsai; Atari; also used a crest of the kiri flower (pawlonia)


Surnames Nakamura; personal names Aritsune and Arichika; a Kyoto artist also working in Osaka; pupil of the founder of the Osaka printmaking school, Ryûkôsai.

One of the more fascinating Osaka print designers who worked from the early to the middle periods of kamigata-e; designed many stencil prints (kappazuri-e), continuing with the medium long after full-color woodblock prints (nishiki-e) had become the standard; also designed some compelling nishiki-e. Nagahide was the most prolific designer of Gion nerimono-e (prints of the costume parades in Gion [in Kyoto]: 祇園邌物絵) in the 1810s–30s. His early style is much like Ryûkôsai's and Shôkôsai's. He experimented with a range of formats, including distinctive hexagonal kappazuri-e and hashira-e (pillar prints) that were otherwise rarely encountered in kamigata-e.

Pupils included Naniwa Nagakuni; Nagashige; Hidemari; Hidekuni; Hidekatsu.

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