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Shigenobu signature
Japanese Characters:
Shigenobu; Rensai Shigenobu; Kinsai Shigenobu; Ushôsai Shigenobu; Raito(?); Yanagawa Shigenobu; Tôto [Eastern = Edo] Yanagawa Shigenobu (see signature at left)
1797-1832; active in Edo from Bunka period; in Osaka, 1822-25
Yanagawa (see seal at left)

Surnames Suzuki and Yanagawa; an Edo artist who worked briefly in Osaka; Edo address Honjo Yanagawa-chô; pupil, son-in-law, and then adopted son of the Edo master printmaker Katsushika Hokusai; designed illustrated books, prints, and surimono; in Osaka, worked with the supremely gifted block cutter and printer Tani Seikô.

Designed theatrical subjects, but some of his best work in Osaka includes a series of deluxe ôban prints depicting geisha in the Shinmachi Nerimono parade in Osaka and approximately 30 fine surimono on various subjects (at least 18 in collaboration with the Tsuru-ren [Crane Group] of kyôka poets), with blocks cut and printed by Seikô.*

Pupils included Kuninao; Shigeharu; Yokinobu(?); Shigemasa; Shigemitsu

* For more on the remarkable blockcutter and printer Seikô, see TSC in the Bibliography.

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