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Yoshitaki signature
Japanese Characters:
Ichiyôtei Yoshitaki (see signature at left); Ichiyôsai Yoshitaki; Jueidô Yoshitaki; Noriya Yoshitaki; Satonoya Yoshitaki; Yôsui Yoshitaki; also Hôgyoku and Handenshakyo; Naniwa Yoshitaki (on paintings)
1841-1899; active circa 1854-1887
Satonoya; Hôsai; Atari; Ichiyô; Noriya; Hoko (found written in Chinese seal script); also used a crest of the kiri flower (paulownia) on one sheet of a triptych published in 1862


Surnames Nakai and Sasaki; personal name Tsunejirô (or Kôjirô); son of a paste merchant; Osaka address Minami Honmachi 2-chôme; later moved to Sakai; pupil of Ichiôsai Yoshiume.

Prolific and leading Osaka print designer during the final period of kamigata-e.

Roger Keyes translates an interesting article written by Yoshitaki's son, Kawasaki Kyosen, regarding the commercial climate of printmaking and the pressures it placed upon his father and other contemporary artists. See TWOP in the Bibliography.

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