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Archive: Hirosada (廣貞)

The links below will take you to archived information about Hirosada prints that have been sold.



Hirosada HSD01 Keisei Ishikawazome: HSD01

Hirosada HSD02 Futatsu chôchô: HSD02

Hirosada HSD03 Musashi: HSD03

Hirosada HSD04 Meiboku sendai: HSD04

Hirosada HSD06 Kumagai: HSD06

Hirosada HSD07 Ensaburô: HSD07

Hirosada HSD10 Mitate Jûnishi: HSD10

Hirosada HSD12 Karatsuchi-hime: HSD12

Hirosada HSD13 Okiku: HSD13

Hirosada HSD15 Chigogafuchi: HSD15

Hirosada HSD19 Hanazumo chôchô: HSD19

Hirosada HSD20 Oshidori: HSD20

Hirosada HSD21 Oshidori: HSD21

Hirosada HSD22 Kodomo: HSD22

Hirosada HSD23 Surimono (geisha): HSD23

Hirosada HSD24 Koheiji: HSD24

Hirosada HSD25 Keisei somewake: HSD25

Hirosada HSD27 Gion nyogo : HSD27

Hirosada HSD28 Keisei somewake: HSD28


Hirosada HSD29 Kato Saemon: HSD29

Hirosada HSD30 Tametomo: HSD30

Hirosada HSD31 Takechi: HSD31

Hirosada HSD32 Gonpachi: HSD32

Hirosada HSD34 Ichinotani: HSD34

Hirosada HSD36 Sugawara denju: HSD36

Hirosada HSD37 Shima meguri: HSD37

Hirosada HSD38 Seishû Akogi: HSD38

Hirosada HSD39 Shôutsushi asagao: HSD39

Hirosada HSD42 Natsu matsuri: HSD42

Hirosada HSD43 Meiboku sendai: HSD43

Hirosada HSD44 Ichonotani: HSD44

Hirosada HSD47 Iseondo: HSD47

Hirosada HSD48 Keisei kiyome: HSD48

Hirosada HSD49 Akechi Samagorô: HSD49

Hirosada HSD50 Keisei Soga: HSD50

Hirosada HSD51 Kagekiyo: HSD51

Hirosada HSD54 Shitennôji: HSD54

Hirosada HSD55 Keisei kiyome: HSD55



Hirosada HSD56 Natsu matsuri: HSD56

Hirosada HSD57 Kôjô: HSD57

Hirosada HSD59 Keisei Ishikawa-zome: HSD59

Hirosada HSD60 Nikki Danjo: HSD60

Hirosada HSD61 Masakiyo & Yojibei: HSD61

Hirosada HSD62 Sato moyô kabuki: HSD62

Hirosada HSD64 Hakkenden: HSD64

Hirosada HSD65 Kikuhei: HSD65

Hirosada HSD66 Higuchi no Jirô: HSD66

Hirosada HSD67 Hana momiji: HSD67

Hirosada HSD68 Hisayoshi: HSD68

Hirosada HSD70 Yoshitsune koshigoe: HSD70

Hirosada HSD73 Chûkô buyûden: HSD73

Hirosada HSD79 Natsu matsuri: HSD79

Hirosada HSD80 Takechi Mitsuhide: HSD80

Hirosada HSD82 Katô Masakiyo: HSD82