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Archive: Kunihiro (國廣)

The links below will take you to archived information about Kunihiro prints that have been sold.



Kunihiro KUH01 Tôza: KUH01

Kunihiro KUH03 Namishichi KUH03

Kunihiro KUH09 Sanbasô: KUH09

Kunihiro KUH15 Yoemon / Kasane: KUH15

Kunihiro KUH16 Ori awase: KUH16

Kunihiro 17 Meibiku Sendai: KUH19

Kunihiro KUH19 Katakiuchi takane: KUH19

Kunihiro KUH20 Sankichi: KUH20


Kunihiro KUH23 Hangaku-jo: KUH23

Kunihiro KUH24 Isami onna: KUH24

Kunihiro KUH25 Hakuen: KUH25

Kunihiro KUH27 Genzaemon: KUH27

Kunihiro KUH29 Ebijûrô II: KUH29

Kunihiro KUH30 Nanabake: KUH30

Kunihiro KUH31 Ushiwakamaru: KUH31

Kunihiro KUH34 Suda no haru: KUH34




Kunihiro KUH35 Oshichi: KUH35

Kunihiro KUH38 Sakibayashi: KUH38

Kunihiro KUH39 Attacking a ryû: KUH39

Kunihiro KUH42 Kikuzuki irifune: KUH42

Kunihiro KUH44 Keisei kakehashi: KUH44

Kunihiro KUH45 Geisha Take as Fugen KUH45

Kunihiro KUH46 Hiragana seisuiki: KUH46