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Archive: Sadamasu 貞升 (later Kunimasu 國升)

The links below will take you to archived information about Sadamasu (Kunimasu) prints that have been sold.



KMS01 mitate: KMS01

KMS05 Hiragana: KMS05

KMS07 Yuronosuke: KMS07

KMS08 Kagehiro: KMS08

KMS09 Kumagai: KMS09

KMS05 Dôsetsu: KMS10

KMS05 Kagehiro: KMS11

KMS12 Kichi Hôgen: KMS12

KMS13 Kichi Hôgen: KMS13

KMS15  Gengobei: KMS15

KMS16 Sadakurô: KMS16

KMS17 Sekitori: KMS17

KMS18 Tadanobu: KMS18


KMS19 Tadanobu: KMS19

KMS20 Hashizô shini-e: KMS20

KMS21 Gonpachi: KMS21

KMS22 Toki wa ima: KMS22

KMS23 Ume no haru: KMS23

KMS24 Ume no haru: KMS24

KMS25 Kasane: KMS25

KMS26 Heiji: KMS26

KMS27 Chôgorô: KMS27

KMS28 Jiraiya: KMS28

Kunimasu KMS30 Gakuya sugata: KMS30

Kunimasu KMS31 Sugata kurabe: KMS31

Kunimasu KMS31 Chiyo no haru: KMS33


Kunimasu KMS34 Nippon daichi: KMS34

Kunimasu KMS35 Haiyû tôsei: KMS35

Kunimasu KMS37 Asojirô: KMS37

Kunimasu KMS38 Kagekiyo: KMS38

Kunimasu KMS39 Saito Ryûhon: KMS39

Kunimasu KMS41 Morinosuke II: KMS41

Kunimasu KMS43 Kumagai: KMS43

Kunimasu KMS45 Nippon daiichi: KMS45

Kunimasu KMS46 Ono no Tôfû: KMS46