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Archive: Utagawa Kunisada I (歌川國貞)

The links below will take you to archived information about Kunisada prints that have been sold.



Kunisada KNS01 Michiyuki hatsune: KNS01

Kunisada KNS03 Hime komatsu: KNS03

Kunisada KNS04 Danshichi / Giheiji: KNS04

Kunisada KNS05 Zohô natsu matsuri: KNS05

Kunisada KNS06 Actors at Tenpôzan: KNS06


Kunisada KNS07 Odori keiyô: KNS07

Kunisada KNS08 Chûshingura: KNS08

Kunisada KNS09 Ukiyo jinsei: KNS09

Kunisada KNS10 Kan-So gundan: KNS10

Kunisada KNS12 Gohiiki tamuke: KNS12


Kunisada KNS13 Otokonosuke: KNS13

Kunisada KNS14 Hatsu momiji: KNS14

Kunisada KNS15 Kozotte kuruwa: KNS15