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Sadayoshi (貞芳)

Ichikawa Hakuen (市川白猿); Title: View of a journey to Kamisaka (Kamisaka ryochû no zu, 上坂旅中之圖) with an inset showing travelers crossing the Ôi River (Ôigawa, 大井川)
Gohyōtei Sadayoshi ga (五瓢亭貞芳画) placed with a Toshidama (年玉) cartouche used by Utagawa artists
No artist seal
Kawaji (河治) and Oki (置), the latter an abbreviation for Tamaoki (玉置), i.e., family name of the publisher Honya Seishichi (本や清七)
c. mid to late 1830s
(H x W)
ôban nishiki-e
37.4 x 25.5 cm
Excellent color, unbacked; repaired binding holes along R margin, slight retouching of publisher seal
Price (USD/¥):
$825 / Contact us to pay in yen (¥)

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Hakuen II was the temporary acting name of the Edo superstar Ichikawa Danjûrô VII (1791-1859), who performed briefly in Osaka after fires destroyed all three theaters in Edo in 3/1829. He returned to act in Kamagata in 3/1834 - 5/1834, then in 11/1843 - 3/1850, and once again in 1/1853 - 3/1858.


Sadayoshi's woodcut portrays Hakuen during an excursion to Kamisaka (i.e., he is not performing a role in a kabuki play).

No other impression is recorded in the main literature, although one other impression was offered by a ukiyo-e dealer during the last few years. In any case, designs of actors away from the stage are decidedly uncommon in Osaka prints, and very popular among collectors, scholars, and museum curators.

Paraphrases of the two poems may be as follows:

(1) Gazing at the cherry blossoms, heartened by their beauty, the pure white moon illuminates my joy. (Ome mite no ureshisa ni kokorozasu tsuki byakuen.)

(2) Sleeping soundly without seeing the cherry blossoms, open your eyes to the winter peonies. (On hana naki o neni shite hirake fuyu botan.)