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Archive: Ichiyôsai Yoshitaki (一養齋芳瀧)

The links below will take you to archived information about Yoshitaki prints that have been sold.



YST01 Okiku: YST01

Yoshitaki YST02 Ohan: YST02

Yoshitaki YST03 Genji: YST03

Yoshitaki YST04 Gogyô no uchi: YST04

Yoshitaki YST06 Keisei miiri Soga: YST06

Yoshitaki YST07 Goemon - Okaji: YST07


Yoshitaki YST14 Hana fubuki: YST14

Yoshitaki YST15 Shunshoku: YST15

Yoshitaki YST16 Senryo tazuna: YST16

Yoshitaki YST18 Mino no Shôkurô: YST18

Yoshitaki YST20 Keisei ama: YST20

Yoshitaki YST22 Kumasaka Chôhan: YST22

Yoshitaki YST23 Keisei ama: YST23

Yoshitaki YST24 Keisei ômonguchi: YST24

Yoshitaki YST28 Ohan: YST28

Yoshitaki YST29 Keisei somewake: YST29